Community Action Fareham welcomes people as volunteers and employees, as users of our services or just someone wanting community information.  The welcome is without any restriction.  We know that a variety of factors, including disability, can exclude people.  We hope that our policies, training and approach will ensure that everyone is welcomed to undertake a role or use services as is appropriate to them.

Statement of Policy Purpose

Community Action Fareham is committed to the principles of equality of opportunity in order to prevent any barriers to inclusion in any of its areas of work.  It guarantees there is no discrimination against anyone on the grounds of age, culture, ethnic origin, race, disability, mental health, faith and beliefs or the lack of them, sexuality, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, culture, HIV status, and criminal history.  All practices are open to scrutiny.

Statement of Values

  1. Community Action Fareham exists to promote and support community action and engagement throughout Fareham.
  2. Community Action Fareham is proud to celebrate inclusivity in all aspects of the community, as detailed above.
  3. Community Action Fareham is committed to challenging disadvantage and inequality, by promoting diversity and equality of opportunity in all areas of its work and contact with other organisations, both private and public.
  4. Community Action Fareham commits itself to:
    1. Work pro-actively towards a just and participatory society;
    2. Work towards social justice for all people to ensure that everyone has equal rights to participate in both decision-making processes and local action;
    3. Ensure that priority is given to working with communities and groups whose full participation in society is limited by economic disadvantage or discrimination;
    4. Use its role to affirm and enable everyone to play an active part in the community, both individually and collectively.

Support for Our Members and Community Groups

Community Action Fareham recommends that groups consider if their activities and advertising is inclusive so that their members represent the full diversity of their communities.  Groups can use the Inclusion checklist below.

Inclusion, Equality and Diversity Checklist for Community Groups  Click here

Disability Confident

The Disability Confident scheme of the DWP is helpful in showing how improvements in inclusion and diversity can be achieved.  We recommend that groups register for the scheme and audit themselves by it.  Details are here, click

If groups would like support to become recognised as "Disability Confident" they are welcome to contact us.


Disability Confident Logo

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