Community Action Fareham is an organisation that promotes volunteering and community activity in Fareham; it is a Council for Voluntary Service (CVS).  

Mission and Purpose

The mission and purpose of Community Action Fareham is to work for the improvement of Quality of Life of the people of Fareham, especially those who are elderly and disadvantaged in any way.  


The values of Community Action Fareham are to strongly adhere to principles of Equality and Inclusion; we believe that community and charitable activities should be available, welcoming and accessible to all who wish to participate. Relief of disadvantage in any form is a prime aim. Community Action Fareham is non-discriminatory and non-religious. 

Community Action Fareham meets with other organisations including local authorities to represent members’ concerns; this can help to influence policy appropriately. It actively participates in the network of Councils of Community Service in Hampshire to gather information on changes as soon as possible.  

Core Services 

The core service of Community Action Fareham is to support local voluntary activity through advice, liaison, networking, community needs analysis, representation and piloting new projects.  The core service includes the Volunteer Centre and Community Transport.  

Key Facts 

  1. The Fareham Council of Community Service was established in 1985 as the primary provider of support to the local voluntary and community sector.
  2. It became a company limited by guarantee on 1 April 1996, registered in England and Wales no. 3181037. The liability is shared among all members of Community Action Fareham and is limited to £1.
  3. Community Action Fareham is a non-profit making registered charity. Registered charity no.1056395.  It raises funds through grants and agreements to provide services.  Like all charities, no surplus can be given to any director;  funds must only be used for the purpose given.
  4. Community Action Fareham has a reserves policy.  Funds are held because unforeseen changes in income or expenditure may occur.  An audit is conducted each year.
  5. Community Action Fareham is a charitable association with member organisations made up of voluntary and community groups who are in sympathy with the mission and purpose of Community Action Fareham.
  6. There is no membership subscription for community and voluntary organisations.
  7. Member organisations may nominate an individual or an office holder, for example Chairman or Secretary, to be the representative member.
  8. All members meet at least once a year at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Other meetings of the whole membership may be arranged on particular subjects.
  9. A Management Committee is elected by the AGM with members serving 3 years.  The status of limited company and registered charity mean that the Management Committee members are referred to as Trustee Directors and the committee is referred to as the Board.  The Board elects a Chair and meets regularly to manage the charity.
  10. Community Action Fareham is a member of the National Association for Voluntary and Community Action (NAVCA). This is the national association comprising 350 councils for voluntary service (CVS) which sets their standards and provides support and information. 
  11. Community Action Fareham works closely with 11 similar charities across Hampshire.
  12. Community Action Fareham employs a Chief Executive and support staff.  

Member Services 

Community Action Fareham offers a range of services to member organisations, which are either free or charged as agreed.  For more information, go to Support for Groups.

How to Become a Member 

Applications to become a Member are made by completing this application form. All applications are considered by the Board.  

Individuals, public sector and commercial organisations who wish to show their support for the values and principles of Community Action Fareham may join as Associate Members.  


Community Action Fareham receives a number of grants



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