What is the Got it Right Award?

The Got it Right award is a simple quality system.  Once a group has attained the required standard, it can use the Got it Right Award logo on its website.  The Clinical Commissioning Group has endorsed the system.

Why is it important?

No matter what the size of your community group or charity, the Got it Right award is important to group members, their family and friends, and to funders because it shows that a group operates to a recognised standard and has got the basics right.  

How do we get the award?

One or two people per group need to attend a workshop session that lasts 2 hours.  The session is normally with 3 or 4 other groups and so is also good for exchanging ideas.  Community Action Fareham arranges workshops regularly and at different times of the day, including evenings.  You should bring with you: 

  1. your constitution
  2. your latest accounts
  3. a leaflet or general information sheet about the group

Get a copy of the checklist <click here>

Being part of a national charity

Groups that are branches of national charities or are members of a national awarding body may find it easy to demonstrate that they have "got it right".  If they are operating to the charities policies and procedures then they are highly likely to be undertaking all that is necessary to have got their governance and operation right.  Groups are welcome to attend so that the logo can be added to their entry in the Who Cares directory.

Workshops and Appraisal

Workshops run occasionally These are 2 hours in which we look at the policy and procedures.  If there are matters to be kept confidential then those can be discussed separately. We anticipate that groups may wish to check some aspects and would then be able to complete the appraisal during the next week or so.

To book a place on the workshop please email gir@actionfareham.org.uk or call us on 01329 231899

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