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 Emergency First Aid at Work - 1 day accredited

 A one day course giving learners the skills and confidence to respond to a range of   accidents and first aid emergencies they may come across in the workplace.

 Successful  learners will receive a national Award in Emergency First Aid at Work   which satisfies the requirements of the regulatory body for First Aid – the Health and Safety   Executive (HSE). 

 Course aimed at:

 Anyone working with people who are prone to accidents or illness will feel more confident if   they have some first aid training. Every work place should have someone trained in first aid   on the premises. Organisations holding events should have a trained first aid person   present. 

 Course Outcomes:

  • What is First Aid
  • Legislation
  • Responsibilities
  • Action in an emergency
  • Primary survey
  • Secondary assessment
  • The respiratory system
  • Resuscitation and AED
  • Disorders of respiration
  • Disorders of circulation
  • Wounds and bleeding
  • Seizures
  • Minor burns and scolds
  • Foreign objects

  Date:                    6th February 2018

                               22nd May 2018

 For bespoke First Aid training please call the training department on 01329 223 155

 Times:  9:30 - 16:30

 Venue: Crofton Community Centre, Stubbington

 Fee is per person: £50 members

                              £55 voluntary/community sector

                              £70 private/statutory sector


  Download a copy of the 6th February 2018 course information leaflet - spaces available

  Download a copy of the 22nd May 2018 course informational leaflet - spaces available


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  Passenger Assistant Training – (PATS)

 PATS  was developed by Hampshire County Council and designed for people who's role is to   assist passengers on their journey. This role may have many different names; escorts,   passenger carers, care assistants, chaperones, support worker and other similar job titles.

 The aim of this course is to improve passenger safety, by giving passenger assistants the   skills and information required to understand the needs of their passengers.

 This is a 1 day course which is designed for staff and or volunteers who care for passengers   travelling either by car, taxi, minicab and minibus.

 This course is bespoke and therefore can be adapted for vulnerable children or adults.

 This is a 1 day course, split into 2 sessions.

 Session 1: is classroom based covering health & safety, emergency procedures and the   legal duties of a passenger assistant.

 Session 2: is practical based demonstrating the safe use of a vehicle lift or ramp, safely   escorting and securing wheelchair users to and from the vehicle.  

 For more information or to discuss your course requirements please call 01329 223 155

 or email training@actionfareham.org.uk


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 New Year Course and Workshop line up

 We are currently working on our course and workshop calendar for the new year.

 Here is a taster of whats coming:


Excel for Beginners


Health & Safety for you and your Team


Inclusive Recruitment of Volunteers


Fundraising and Legacy Giving


Trigger Tool


MECC - Make Every Contact Count


If you are interested in any of these courses/workshops or would like to have a chat about your training needs, please contact us on: training@actionfareham.org.uk



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